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Moonlight Not Justa Hologram, UD, NA, AXJ, NJP
Sire: CH Tri Star Eat Your Heart Out, SH 
Dam: CH Moonlight's Sophisticated Lady, CD
April 22, 1997 - December 2, 2011
Photo by Pix N Pages


Holly is my Princess. She is fourteen and a half years old and is officially retired to the Head Position of --- Official Puppy Trainer. Holly never cared for obedience but managed to get her UD in 7 shows - which may seem like a lot to some - -but considering it took me 17 shows with my chocolate lab, Casey, seven was a breeze. Holly was my first agility dog and due to some wrong turns in training, ran out of the ring for two years. I finally found Kim Cooper and the road to success. Holly loved agility and went on to earn eight MXJ legs, only needing two to finish, but started hesitating before a jump to look at me. She was telling me she would do it, but it was only for me. She retired in 2007 still needing those two MXJ legs.  No title is more important to me than the health of my dogs.
Holly has left us to join her friends at the Bridge. She was 14 years and 7 1/2 months.  She enjoyed Thanksgiving turkey - begging from all at the table - and deteriorated quickly the following week.  We miss her -- she was Grandma Holly and the house seems empty without her.

Pedigree of " Moonlight Not Justa Hologram, UD, NA, AXJ, NJP"

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CH Tri Star Eat Your Heart Out, SH      





CH Moonlight's Sophisticated Lady, CD





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